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Friday, April 2, 2010

Comments 4 kids!

My comments today were on Sarah and Elizabeth.

Sarah is a little girl who is from Maori. The thing about Maori is the country is losing its culture. In an effort to preserve some of this culture Sara and her classmates are learning the native language.It is so cool that these kids are doing this. I think that it is terrible when a culture is lost. Ireland had that happen. The original Irish language, Gaelic, has been lost for at least a century. I think it is absolutely wonderful these kids take enough interest and pride in their culture to not want it to die! And I think the teachers should get a pat on the back for not letting it die also! Here is what I said to Sarah:

Very good Sara! You should be very proud. Not many people can do what you just did as I'm sure you know. I think it is AWESOME that you and your classmates are doing this! It is so important to know your heritage. Good luck on your future posts and in learning your native language!

Elizabeth's class had parent teacher night and Elizabeth did a video blog post about it. She was so cute! Here is what I said to her:

Hello Elizabeth. My name is Heather L and I attend the University of South Alabama. I am in a blogging class and have been assigned your blog this week. I'm so very glad because you did such a wonderful job! Congratulations on your mom going to meet your teacher. You sounded very excited about that. Good luck on your future blogs!

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  1. I too enjoyed this assignment. One lesson I learned from this blog post was that I was now in the position that others around the world may be in if viewing my blog or that of my students. The culture and language were very unfamiliar to me, so I had to do the research (Dr. S's required reading on Maori). Interesting assignment, interesting experience.