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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 11th Blog Post

Our assignment is to prove that children posting to the internet is important. I can see where one could see it that way but I'm not sure I do. I see things from Kaia's father's prospective. He loves that he is exposing his child to the world but it scares him a little. We forget that we are not the only ones who can see our children's work. There are bad people out there who would use these blogs for things other than their intended purpose. That said, I think it is still a wonderful experience for these students to expand their world. The children in PS 22 would never have gotten the chance to sing in Madison Square Garden if their work were not published online. My favorite example are the students in Viki Davis's class. If not for posting their work online they would never have had the opportunities that were presented to them. Another example is one of the children I commented on Hannah. According to her blog, her teachers have her blogging as a creative outlet so she won't talk so much during class. The poem she wrote was just adorable. If she didn't have a blog then she would not have an outlet where others around the world could respond to her. One more example is unfortunately my blog. Through all of this I have learned that the world can now see how disorganized I really am. If it were not for this blog I would probably gone through life ignoring this problem until it got me fired from a job. Fortunately for me, this class has shown me how easy it can be to get organized and it has shown me that I do have the self discipline to organize my life.

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